Hot summer days spent at the track watching race cars spewing flames and noxious exhaust. Aerosol cans cracking back and forth in an empty industrial park. Jeans spattered with ink and oil. The screeching roar of a motorcycle in the middle of the night. Ears still ringing from last nights brutal show. 

My name is Doug Werner and I am driven by the visual world. Design is what truly gets me out of bed in the morning; whether its perfectly deployed typography or a really well done tag on the side of a traincar I can find beauty in purpose. The best design is borne out of a synthesis of disciplines and I try to execute with that idea in mind for every project. I’ve made a project out of drawing every day since late summer 2011(my work can been seen on Instagram @muchomoto) and that drive to accomplish something creative every day has become my greatest asset.


Born and raised in Chicago // currently in Denver, CO.